Journal of Space Exploration papers now available.

MehtaPress has now published Volume 3, Issue 2 of the Journal of Space Exploration. It contains six papers on gravity-like fields, gravity-superconductors, the speed of gravity and other topics. Two of the papers are from the co-authors of Extended Heim Theory. I have attached links here for readers.

Unfortunately, an error by the publisher has delayed the inclusion of my paper, but the indication is that it will be included in the publication by December 1.

Walter Dröscher, “Reality of gravity-like fields? Part I: Recent experiments that challenge current physics”

Jochem Hauser, “Reality of gravity-like fields? Part II: Analysis of gravitomagnetic experiments”

In the second paper is the description of a possible method for testing the validity of the theory.









Wave character of neutrons, first demonstrated by H. Rauch in 1974. Instead of an electromagnetic vector potential A the extreme gravitomagnetic potential Agp will be used, leading to a gravitomagnetic Aharonov-Bohm effect (as suggested to M. Tajmar by the author). That is, the wedge is replaced by the Agp field, while the left path is subject to a much weaker gravitomagnetic field, and thus a phase difference will be produced. A detailed analysis has to show, whether the predicted field strength is sufficient to produce a detectable phase shift. The ring (upper left) denotes the asymmetric position of the gravitomagnetic potential Agp.

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