About the author

Greg Daigle is a designer, writer and agent of hopeful change.

As a practitioner and professor of industrial design I created the industrial design of the first
commercial 3D printer employing the method of fused deposition invented by Stratasys and now
used by RepRap and MakerBot.

 stratasys … I also created the “front end” for the
Cray T3D supercomputer
T3D-144dpi  …and imagined a “mower of
the future” for Toro in 1990, with David Barrette.

I created the “Designer Series” of panels for Rosemount Office Systems

rosemount3 … and developed the systems logic for Ethospace by
Herman Miller, while Research Manager and Senior
Designer for design icon Bill Stumpf
Ethosfinal_72dpi … and the occasional design for myself.

I co-founded the interactive design firm ICONOS, garnering dozens of national and international awards
for STEM learning in the “What’s the Secret?” CD-ROM series

WTS3_MainMenu … and with Steve Campbell developed the first scheme
for dynamic digital tattoos for displaying emotional states
Tattoo_display_facial_72dpi … using fuzzy logic chips and digital ink, as featured in Popular Science.

I was an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at MCAD (Minneapolis) and for seven years taught graduate level studio courses on interface, app design and a theory course on digital futures at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Other efforts include Director of Production for an Ad Age 100 interactive agency, Senior Director of Learning & Development for an interactive consultancy and Executive Director of the place-based learning nonprofit Digital Watershed and our 2011 award of a grant funded by the MacArthur Foundation and Mozilla.  I am now consulting on this and that, editing papers on physics for readability and studying new sources of sustainable energy production.  My most recent day job was to head quality assurance and customer support for “ZebraZapps” a new interactive tool for e-learning created by co-founder of Macromedia, Dr. Michael Allen.

More about me can be found at The Unlit Pipe.