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I’ve been asked what direct connection there is between EHT (Extended Heim Theory) and Dr. Tajmar’s work.  Such descriptions are beyond me to generate, though I can relate the writings of others.  So let me refer you to comments made recently on the PhysOrg public message board by Duane J. Oldsen.  Duane seems to have a good handle on the issues at hand.  Here are some direct outtakes:

To start off, Heim Theory (currently EHT, Extended Heim Theory) must be considered somewhat left field. It was Burkhard Heim’s private baby for several decades, since at least the ’50s, making rare German language forays into academic presentation and release. As far as I know, there is only Heim’s 1977 monograph and a 1976 presentation at MBB (now part of EADS) that are part of Heim’s official record.

EHT is composed of eight dimensions, the four of human experience, and an additional four that can be thought of as “bookkeeping” dimensions. Burkhard Heim had initially limited this to 6D, and EHT provides for an absolute maximum of 12D…

Heim was introduced to one Walter Droscher c.1980. At some point thereafter, the two begain working on Heim’s ideas together. Droscher reworked Heim’s original 6-dimensional model into an 8D model, which purportedly is able to account for all known forces and interactions, as well as predicting two additional forces. Droscher, in cooperation with Jochem Hauser, have been refining and publishing the Extended Theory via AIAA publications since at least 2002.

Structurally, EHT is similar to Loop Quantum Gravity… It predicts two additional forces, and claims the ability to predict the masses of fundamental particles from pure theory.

The two additional forces are variant gravitational forces, much weaker than normal gravity. “Quintessence” is a repulsive gravitational force that seems to match dark energy VERY closely. However, the timeline indicates that Heim predicted this force by the mid ’60s at latest, at least 5 years before universal expansion was observed. The second gravity-cousin is the gravito-photon force. EHT provides mathematical models that allow for the transformation of photons into attractive and/or repulsive gravitational particles, gravitophotons. It is the gravitophoton that is purported to allow the manipulation of gravity, and which provides the direct link to Tajmar’s work.  This is an excellent overview:[Note: Here is the link to the pdf referenced].

Until 2006, they were also reporting on a more radical claim, that the EHT physics potentially allow for FTL</i> [Note: Faster Than Light] travel. <i>However, at that time they thought that the technical requirements for even the STL (Slower Than Light) reactionless method would require truly gargantuan magnetic field strengths. 20+ Tesla for the most basic STL experiment, 80+ for the FTL. Since even the most minuscule laboratory verification would come nowhere near to real world application, the more extreme claims to gin up interest were probably justified.

After Tajmar’s announcement in 2006 however, Droscher & Hauser went back and took another look. They found that EHT gave good predictive agreement with the results Tajmar had reported. The Tajmar experiment and the proposed STL lab bench demonstrator were moderately similar, albeit that the gravitational fields produced were directed along different vectors. And each set of revised results from Tajmar is reported to have brought Tajmar’s observed results and the EHT predictions into closer and closer agreement.

Per private communication w/Hauser, Tajmar has many more results than those he has released. The released results being those best verified to the most anal retentive degree. Per public releases, Hauser and Tajmar have been in close contact for at least the last year.

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