New Ebook Available on Gravity and Superconductors

Dr. Hauser wrote the forward and contributed a chapter with Dr. Droescher (“Emerging Physics for Gravity-Like Fields”). Individual chapters may be downloaded, but those in the U.S. should be aware that orders from Bentham (located in the United Arab Emirates) may trigger fraud alerts on your credit card.

Gravity-Superconductors Interactions: Theory and Experiment
eISBN: 978-1-60805-399-5

Volume 1

pp.i-iii (1) Authors: Jean-Marie Muylaert, Jochem H. Hauser

pp.iv-iv (1) Authors: G. Modanese, G.A. Robertson

List of Contributors 
pp.v-v (1) Authors: G. Modanese, G.A. Robertson

Gravity-Superconductors Interactions: Historical Background
pp.3-22 (20) Authors: Giovanni Modanese, Glen A. Robertson

Interactions Between Superconductors and High-Frequency Gravitational Waves
pp.23-57 (35) Author: R.C. Woods

High Temperature Superconductors as Quantum Sources of Gravitational Waves: The HTSC GASER
pp.58-73 (16) Author: Giorgio Fontana

Quantum Effects in the Type II Superconductor that Lead to Power Radiated in Gravitational Waves
pp.74-104 (31) Author: Glen A. Robertson

Quantum Gravity Evaluation of Stimulated Graviton Emission in Superconductors
pp.105-131 (27) Author: Giovanni Modanese

Tajmar Experiments on “Condensing the Vacuum”
pp.132-152 (21) Author: R.A. Lewis

The Chiao Gravity-Superconductor EM Transducer: An Overview
pp.153-168 (16) Author: R.A. Lewis

Study of Light Interaction with Gravity Impulses and Measurements of the Speed of Gravity Impulses
pp.169-182 (14) Authors: Evgeny Podkletnov, Giovanni Modanese

Setup for the Impulse Gravity Generator Experiment Replication
pp.183-202 (20) Author: Timo Junker

Experimental Considerations in Superconductor Gravity Experiments
pp.203-228 (26) Authors: George Hathaway, Harald Reiss

Emerging Physics for Gravity-Like Fields
pp.229-270 (42) Authors: Walter Droescher, Jochem Hauser

Gravity-Superconductor Interactions from a Hierarchy of Density Dependent Scalar Fields: A Dark Matter Connection
pp.271-287 (17) Author: Glen A. Robertson

Impact of Lifetime and Decay Rates of Thermally Excited States in Superconductors on a Gravity Experiment
pp.288-324 (37) Author: Harald Reiss

Subject Index 
pp.325-326 (2) Authors: Giovanni Modanese, Glen A. Robertson

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