Gravityship Flyways

In May of 2009 I made the first mention of an upcoming book on gravity modification for designers. After several delays I would like to announce that the book was published in digital format and available for Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and on iTune’s iBooks for the iPhone and iPad in March of 2011. See the next post in this blog for additional details.

The title is “Gravity 2.0 – Design Strategies for a Gravity Modified World.” The book is about designed futures rather than a treatise on validating the science. Told from a designer’s perspective and borrowing from the great design visionaries of the past, the book includes the occasional “Design Vision”, which are future-based scenarios addressing new applications of gMod as if it were already a proven and commonly deployed technology.

After the initial publication a re-imagining of this site and interactive features will be added to create a more open and collaborative exploration of gMod. Included will be interactive models in Google Earth such as the gravityship flyways, commuter aerial routes for gravityships in and out of a city.

The Flyways file can also be downloaded HERE.

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