Black Swans: GME-2 And Orbo

“Black swans” are the extraordinary exceptions of scientific discovery most likely to increase economic competitiveness and cause profound shifts in our ordered world.  On November 21 I presented at MinneBar, the Minnesota Bar Camp’s “unconference” on the topic of black swans. It was held at the corporate headquarters of Best Buy in Minneapolis.

After a little background on myself and the nature of black swans, I gave two examples of potential candidates already discovered but yet to be widely recognized as valid discoveries: GME-2, the gravity propulsion configuration as proposed by Droscher and Hauser, and Orbo, the overunity technology claimed by Irish firm Steorn. Information for the GME-2 portion of the presentation was largely pulled from my upcoming book. Information for Orbo was all pulled from publicly available sources.

The presentation addressed the question of whether after their discovery (since their discovery is random) technology black swans can be leveraged to improve local economies before they have been recognized as true breakthroughs by the many who would exploit them.

After the presentation I provided a revised version of the slideshow. It can be accessed HERE.

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