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Creating the discipline of gravity design

I’ve mentioned previously how gMOD could enhance Minnesota’s economy by turning part of Duluth Airport into a spaceport for export and shipping to other locations on the globe… or even beyond our globe.  This capability would expand existing port facility capabilities in Duluth.  What other industries in Minnesota would benefit from similar adoption of gMOD technology to enhance our local economy?

Generation of a propulsive gravity field might first be employed by manufacturers of small motorized vehicles such as snowmobiles, ATVs and motorcycles.  Manufacturers such as Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Manufacturing Company, ArcticCat and Polaris have filled a valuable manufacturing position in the state for decades.  As the legal requirements for such vehicles are generally less onerous than that for cars and trucks, these manufacturers may find an early niche in the production of recreational gMOD vehicles.

The first gMOD vehicles might be more like RVs, allowing owners to live in their vehicle… even tour on vacation in it.  RV motorhome customizers such as Kingsley Coach and Waldoch Crafts are well suited to larger vehicle production in small quantities.

Another potential industry for the first residential gMOD vehicles might be boat builders.  Manufacturers such as Bluewater Yachts or Genmar, and manufacturers of smaller vessels such as Crestliner, Premiere Marine and Lund Boats may easily transition to hull-based gMOD vehicles. Also, these need not resemble boats per se.  The canal houseboats in Amsterdam clearly show that floating residences need not be seaworthy boat-like vessels.  In fact, floating homes in Seattle’s Puget Sound or on Portland’s Willamette River show that perhaps even the construction industry could find a niche here.

Prior to hurricane Katrina the thirteen hotel-casino barges off of the U.S. Gulf Coast had an occupancy of many thousands of guests and collectively were the nation’s third-largest casino market.  Casinos have the capital to invest in novel technology such as gMOD if it can be used to attract new visitors.

In Minnesota barges are not necessary as Indian Gaming casinos such as Mystic Lake, Treasure Island and Grand Casino are owned and operated by tribal communities that establish their own gaming laws.  Paired with barge manufacturers from the gulf region, we might find that it is the tribal communities of the state that become the first to employ gMOD floating architecture on a large scale.

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    Gravitomagnetics is an interesting concept. However, the practicality of cost vs. function might be the biggest hurdle one would face trying to implement a viable production product to sell on the open market. If the cost factor was satisfies, I could see it benefiting Minnesota’s economy. It is true that for ATV’s and Snowmobiles the legal requirements are a tad less stringent. However Motorcycles are another thing entirely. The legal requirements for motorcycle manufacturing are as stiff if not more so then are the requirements for automobile manufacturing. As far as boats and motor homes, I think it would be innovating and attract more attention from the middle to upper middle class and could spark a whole new dwelling concept. If the motorcycle gMOD does catch on, let me know, I would love to test the prototypes for you.

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