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The Gravityshed

More than a dozen years ago I co-founded a non-profit dedicated to place-based learning, especially within metropolitan districts.  It was a time when bandwidth for connecting to the internet was still not very high for wired services and mobile connections through cellular networks had even lower connectivity rates and were very expensive. I was an early advocate for for wireless …


Are Fullerenes the Key to Dark Matter?

In Chapter 7, “Elementary Primer of Field Propulsion Physics” of the book New Frontiers in Space Propulsion, Jochem Hauser and Walter Dröscher state that in their suggested Heim experiment for generating a gravity-like field, a reduction in the spatial dimensions of spacetime from three to two is deemed to occur (believed to be due to the material combination of Pb coil and carbon …

IntroPhyAstroCosGrav LikeFields

Excerpt of “Introduction to Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology of Gravity-Like Fields”

Walter Dröscher and Jochem Hauser have graciously provided a collection of excerpts from their 526 page upcoming book “Introduction to Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology of Gravity-Like Fields”, an elementary primer describing breakthrough physics for propulsion and energy generation technologies.  I wish to thank both of the authors for this preview of sections from their book, which is to be published this coming …


Design implications from Chapter 7 of the upcoming Nova Book

In the upcoming book, New Frontiers in Space Propulsion, chapter 7, Elementary Primer of Field Propulsion Physics, was authored by Walter Dröscher and Jochem Hauser.  They make several interesting points about generating extreme gravitomagnetic fields that have not previously been addressed in their writings but which add new depth to their writings on the topic.  This will likely be expanded upon in …


New Frontiers in Space Propulsion

The publication of an upcoming book edited by Takaaki Musha has been announced for the third quarter of this year.  Chapter 7 has been authored by Jochem Hauser and Walter Dröscher and is entitled, “ELEMENTARY PRIMER OF FIELD PROPULSION PHYSICS”.  I was very happy to have participated in the editing of that chapter for the authors. Here is the description of …


The physics of Hollywood’s blockbuster movie Interstellar

In November of last year Dr. Jochem Hauser wrote an interesting article on “The physics of Hollywood’s blockbuster movie Interstellar“, which discusses some possible inaccuracies of the movie despite the guidance of its science advisor, Dr. Kip Thorne.  An interesting and sobering view of conflicts in the physics community popularized through the reach of film.  The above link goes to …

Terrestrial Apps Image

Article on Terrestrial and space applications of gravity-like fields now available

The published version of my article, “Terrestrial and space applications of gravity-like fields: A designer’s perspective” is now available. My thanks to Mehta Press and to the steadfast efforts of Prof. Jochem Hauser in making sure that the article was listed this current year.



This video is about an ingenious manipulation of magnetic fields with computers that simulate a Zero-g object. This project was done at MIT’s Media Lab by Jinha Lee under the direction of Hiroshi Ishii, whom I met several years ago. It was Published on May 7, 2012. It asks, “What if materials could defy gravity, so that we could leave …

Bob Vs SsOrbo Sm

Speculative Post: Connections between LENR and gravity modification.

Some time ago the thought occurred to me that the apparent violation of conservation of energy reported by Steorn might also be found in experiments to produce gravity-like fields, though at first glance the two would appear to be completely unrelated. In April of 2007 while under an NDA to Steorn, I posted some very speculative threads within their private …


Journal of Space Exploration papers now available.

MehtaPress has now published Volume 3, Issue 2 of the Journal of Space Exploration. It contains six papers on gravity-like fields, gravity-superconductors, the speed of gravity and other topics. Two of the papers are from the co-authors of Extended Heim Theory. I have attached links here for readers. Unfortunately, an error by the publisher has delayed the inclusion of my paper, …

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