AIAA lecture series

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is sponsoring a dinner lecture series this month in Sacramento, California featuring a presentation by Dr. Jochem Häuser, co-author with Walter Dröscher on Extended Heim Theory.

The announcement reads as follows:

Dr. Häuser will be joining us from Saltzgitter, Germany, to present: Emerging Physics for Novel Field Propulsion Abstract: In this talk we present and discuss novel physical concepts that might lead to advanced space propulsion technology based on novel gravitational-like force fields. Such a propulsion technology would be working without propellant. This technology is based on the existence of two additional gravity-like fields, which are gravitational fields that are not described by conventional gravitation.

The paper begins with an introduction of the present theoretical and experimental concepts pertaining to the novel physics of these gravity-like fields. In the following section, the latest gravitomagnetic experiments performed at ARC Seibersdorf (2008) [refers to research by Dr. Martin Tajmar – editor] are analyzed, and a qualitative explanation for the highly varying measured results is given.

In section three, the physical basis (termed Extended Heim Theory, EHT) employed in the explanation of the ARC experiments is presented. EHT, based on the construction of a poly-metric (geometric approach), which is obtained by providing each point of external spacetime with an internal 8D space (Heim space), requires the existence of six fundamental interactions, three gravitational fields, which are both attractive and repulsive as well as the known electromagnetic, weak, and strong forces. Moreover, from the interpretation of the poly-metric, the existence of ordinary matter (fermions and bosons) as well as non-ordinary matter (virtual imaginary particles as well as stable neutral (heavy) lepton particles with rest mass) is postulated.

It is shown that conservation principles need to be applied to the complete physical system containing both types of matter. Furthermore, it is argued that the re-interpretation of the general symmetry breaking mechanism leads to virtual particles of imaginary mass, which in turn, should be responsible for the conversion of electromagnetic into gravitational energy (ARC experiments).

In section four, based on this conversion, the physical mechanism underlying the ARC experiments is discussed and comparison of EHT predictions and measured results are given. Arguments will be provided to ensure the consistency of the ARC measurements. The last section, based on the results of EHT, is dedicated to describe a novel experiment for the generation of a gravity-like field (acceleration field) that could serve directly as a propulsion principle, since the direction of the force should be along the axis of rotation of the disk (ring in ARC experiments) and not in the circumferential direction as is the case in the ARC experiments. Furthermore, the scaling of this experiment will be discussed and calculations will be given that show that a substantial force should be producible with current technology.

In the Conclusions the validity and consistency of gravitomagnetic experiments performed is argued and their relation to the existence of six fundamental forces is debated. The widespread scientific and technological consequences of gravity-like fields in the general area of transportation (earthbound, air and space), physics as well as cosmology are also outlined. Finally, recommendations are made how the state of gravity-field like research could be advanced both theoretically and experimentally.

Friday, March 13, 6-8:30pm, $15 – Students $20 – Members $25 – Non-Members

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