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Design implications from Chapter 7 of the upcoming Nova Book

In the upcoming book, New Frontiers in Space Propulsion, chapter 7, Elementary Primer of Field Propulsion Physics, was authored by Walter Dröscher and Jochem Hauser.  They make several interesting points about generating extreme gravitomagnetic fields that have not previously been addressed in their writings but which add new depth to their writings on the topic.  This will likely be expanded upon in …


New Frontiers in Space Propulsion

The publication of an upcoming book edited by Takaaki Musha has been announced for the third quarter of this year.  Chapter 7 has been authored by Jochem Hauser and Walter Dröscher and is entitled, “ELEMENTARY PRIMER OF FIELD PROPULSION PHYSICS”.  I was very happy to have participated in the editing of that chapter for the authors. Here is the description of …

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