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Emerging Physics – Part 1

In the paper “Emerging Physics for Novel Field Propulsion Science”, Drs. Jachem Hauser and co-author Walter Dröscher have published the most comprehensive paper to date on EHT-based gravity field propulsion. Presented at the SPESIF conference – a gathering of aerospace and propulsion engineers – Hauser incorporates supportive experimental results from Dr. Martin Tajmar’s (section co-chair) studies and positions EHT (Expanded …


AIAA Old Business

This was posted more than a month ago at Hauser’s site: August 2012 Paper AIAA 2012-3915, 23 pp. On the Reality of Gravity-Like Fields Prof. J. Hauser presented the peer reviewed paper entitled On the Reality Gravity-Like Fields at the 48th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, 29 July – 1 August 2012, Atlanta, GA, published by the American …


Selected slides from J. Hauser

Prof. J. Hauser has made available on his site a comprehensive lecture series on the
”Introduction to the Physics of Gravity-like Fields” which contains a set of 120 color slides. It is available here 
in pdf format and may be purchased at a price of $ 40 or 35 Euros. As mentioned on July 14 in this blog, on June 19 …


On the Reality of Gravity-Like Fields

This evening Dr. Hauser gave his talk at the AIAA (The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) 48th Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit in Atlanta. The AIAA is the world’s largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession. Dr. Hauser’s topic for presentation was his new paper, “On the Reality of Gravity-Like Fields”, which continues his work and that …

Lectures series on Gravity-like Fields available

From the HPCC-Space GmbH (High Performance Computing and Communication for Space) site: A comprehensive lecture series on the Introduction to the Physics of Gravity-like Fields (120 color slides) in pdf format may be purchased from the site here. Please e-mail your reply to . This course provides a step by step introduction with detailed explanation for a thorough …

New chapter by Hauser and Droescher

Gravity-Superconductors Interactions: Theory and Experiment (Eds. Giovanni Modanese, Univ. of Bozen, Italy and G. A. Robertson, Institute for Advanced Research in the Space, U.S.A.) was published by Bentham Science Publishers ( In Chap. 11, pp. 269-319, entitled: Emerging Physics for Gravity-like Fields, W. Droescher and J. H. Hauser present both experimental and theoretical evidence for gravitational engineering that is, the …

EHT and the Higgs

The Higgs boson has been in the news lately. Its detection (or at least the detection of a particle very similar to a singular Higgs) has been claimed by CERN. But as reported in various scientific publications, further analysis of the data from particle physicists at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois suggests that CERN is just about as likely to …

Research Slam presentation

This link is the download to a Keynote (Apple iWork) presentation given in November to the College of Design. The topic is my ebook Gravity 2.0 and it describes the contents of the book.

New Ebook Available on Gravity and Superconductors

Dr. Hauser wrote the forward and contributed a chapter with Dr. Droescher (“Emerging Physics for Gravity-Like Fields”). Individual chapters may be downloaded, but those in the U.S. should be aware that orders from Bentham (located in the United Arab Emirates) may trigger fraud alerts on your credit card. Gravity-Superconductors Interactions: Theory and Experiment eISBN: 978-1-60805-399-5 doi:10.2174/97816080539951120101…iment/vol-1.php Volume 1 Chapters …

Presentation by Dr. Hauser

On June 21 in the Physorg forum on Burkhard Heim’s Particle Structure Theory, I posted: “Prof. Hauser gave a lecture yesterday in Braunschweig on ‘Emerging Physics for Space Propulsion and Energy Generation.’ ” Prof. Hauser will also be presenting at the Joint Propulsion Conference of the AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) in Atlanta. He will be presenting in …

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