Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2009’

Passive Manipulation of Gravito-Photons with Metamaterials?

In H.G. Wells’ novel The First Men in the Moon a scientist discovers “cavorite”, a mineral impervious to gravity that can also shield other materials from its effects. The search for materials with the ability to modify gravity have long been considered science fiction. But recently a paper by Minter, Wegter-McNelly and Chiao suggested that hypothesized High Frequency Gravity Waves …

AIAA lecture series

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is sponsoring a dinner lecture series this month in Sacramento, California featuring a presentation by Dr. Jochem Häuser, co-author with Walter Dröscher on Extended Heim Theory. The announcement reads as follows: Dr. Häuser will be joining us from Saltzgitter, Germany, to present: Emerging Physics for Novel Field Propulsion Abstract: In this talk …

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