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Field effects

Hauser and Droscher’s suggested reconfiguration of Tajmar’s original “Gravito Magnetic Experiment” (often abbreviated “GME”) to one that provides propulsive fields (GME 2) for flight represents only one potential field effect of gravity modification. In a cover story on Dr. Tajmar in New Scientist magazine. Tajmar said, “Levitating cars, zero-g playgrounds, tractor beams to pull objects towards you, glass-less windows that …

Hauser and Droscher respond to Tajmar

I had missed the fact that earlier this year in a response to an early version of Tajmar’s paper on the role of helium (see June 23 entry), Jochim Hauser and Walter Droscher suggested that there are no major friction effects with helium. Since the effect is not due to the mechanical friction of rotating gases the authors suggest Tajmar’s …

New Companion Web Site

There is now a companion Web site to this blog. It can be found at: The site will include contents of this blog as well as discussions of the chapters from the Gravity Modification Discussion Points noted here on 1/19/08. It will also include input from various threaded discussions seeded into site covering industrial design, architecture, transportation, etc. The …

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