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The Omnipresent Boson: Part 2 – Connections to Metamaterials

Bosons could be a common element in gMOD experiments.  Tajmar points to bosons as the basis for his gMOD effect.  At superconducting temperatures electrons (normally fermions) form massive bosonic pairs (called Cooper pairs).  In their original 2006 paper de Matos and Tajmar described the use of Type I superconductors (niobium and lead) in three years of experiments.  According to their …

The Omnipresent Boson: Part 1 – Anecdotal Inventors

Though Dr. Tajmar and his colleagues including Clovis de Matos and Walter Droscher are in general (though not complete) agreement on the theory behind gravitomagnetic field modification they represent only a few of the researchers in gMOD.  Mention of the gravitomagnetic effect goes back as far as Heaviside in the 1880s.  Researchers include academics, but also inventors and, admittedly, some …

enhancing local industries

I’ve mentioned previously how gMOD could enhance Minnesota’s economy by turning part of Duluth Airport into a spaceport for export and shipping to other locations on the globe… or even beyond our globe.  This capability would expand existing port facility capabilities in Duluth.  What other industries in Minnesota would benefit from similar adoption of gMOD technology to enhance our local …

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